Ketchup Sunday (Vol.1)


Hello everyone and welcome to the first installment of Ketchup Sunday! Every Sunday I will be giving you updates that are going on in my life and things of that nature!

So most recently I finally got a call back for a job! *Applause* It’s not much but it is something.  The job itself is a Part Time Sales Associate position for T-Mobile.  The benefits they offer are outstanding, the only part that has been a drag is the hiring process..long story short it is very lengthy for the pay and part time status.

I know some of you are saying “You have a college degree, why are you working at a T-Mobile?”  My answer, the small area I live in jobs are very scarce and I need to gather as much money as I can before I can move to a more Metropolitan area to use my degree. I feel that if I give myself a year and acquire a second part time job I can put together enough money to find a job in a bigger city and move out to it. Heck maybe even get relocation assistance!

At the end of the day life is a process that everyone must take in stride and I hope everyone reading this understands this.  Just because I have earned a college degree doesn’t mean things are going to be handed to me on a silver platter.  There are people out there who have been working for a company longer than I have been in college/alive and that puts a hamper in opportunities. At the end of the day I will always keep plugging away and do whatever I can do to become a better me everyday.

Thanks for stopping by!


Movie Talk (Vol.1)



Welcome to Movie Talk Saturday!  I want to make these posts earlier in the morning to help people decide which movie to go see in theaters.  Today’s film we will be discussing without spoilers is….THE CONJURING 2!

If you want to have a significant other jumping into your lap than this is the film for you! This movie is based off the “true” story of Ed and Lorraine Warrens’ investigation of what is known as the British Amityville.  A single mother and her four children are being terrorized by malevolent spirits and the only ones who are willing to help are the Warrens themselves.  I wont go much deeper into the new release to avoid spoilers and ruining any of the plot.

With the addition of director of James Wan (Furious 7 and Insidious, just to name a few) The camera work and artistic ability of Wan make some of the shots seem feel too real for theaters. Some of his shots make you cringe and want to close your eyes and never open them again until you hear the final credits rolling.

I give this movie 4 Mjolnir (the hammer Thor uses from Marvel Cinematic Universe)out of 6

Thor_hammer.png  Thor_hammer.png  Thor_hammer.png  Thor_hammer.png


Now for those of you who want to sit in and watch a movie from home I also have a suggestion for you!

It is one of my favorite movies to watch anytime…SHAUN OF THE DEAD! This movie is a mixture of a comedy and zombie thriller from the mind of Simon Pegg and  Nick Frost.  Two best friends, Shaun and Ed have an experience like no other in this laugh of a zombie thriller.  I highly recommend this movie for everyone it never gets old for me to watch and I know every line in the damn movie!

In this movie Shaun is a 30 something year old loser who lets people walk all over him in his dull existence.  The only thing he lives to do everyday is working at the local electronics store, meanwhile back in his London flat his slacker best friend Ed is sitting around all day living off of Shaun. Then out of nowhere without any explanation the town is over run with zombies and Shaun sets out on a quest of survival and self discovery.



I also give it 4 Mjolnir out of 6!

Thor_hammer.png  Thor_hammer.png  Thor_hammer.png  Thor_hammer.png


Thanks for coming by for Movie Talk Saturday!




Fitness Friday (Vol.1)


To start things off I might as well inform all of you on my fitness goals and what I am trying to do.  Back in college I played football for my school,  this is where I really got into strength and conditioning all together.  After two years of training for defensive end where I was the starter I suffered a torn meniscus and had to get surgery :(.


This led me to have to switch positions to one less taxing on my knees.  So all of a sudden I was a 240 lb right tackle…yeah I know this is a little underweight (about 60lbs under the conference average) but I made it work and started that year as well and only surrendered about 5 sacks on the season.  Which to me is a huge accomplishment considering I only had a few months of training to get prepared for the season.

Once the season was over my strength and conditioning coach sat me down and told me I had to put on at least 90lbs for our offensive line to be a solid and cohesive unit.  Closely following his directions in and out of the weight room I achieved my goal and hit 305lbs, the heaviest I have ever been. This past season was something very great for not only myself but also our team.  I myself only gave up 3 sacks on the season and helped our offense shatter multiple rushing and passing records in our conference and division.

Once the season came to a close I then decided to return to my 240lbs self and aim to be the best combination of cut and beefy a person could possibly be.  Currently my weight is sitting around 258lbs and I feel that my body is stronger all together than it was when I weighed 305lbs.

So here are my goals for all of you to know:

Weight-> 240lbs       Currently -> 258lbs

BMI -> 15%                  Currently -> 28%

Bench Max -> 405×5         Currently -> 315×5

Squat Max -> 505×5          Currently -> 375×5

Deadlift -> 405×5              Currently -> 350×5

(X stands for repetitions aka reps)




Re-Evaluating My Blog


After consideration and a long night of rolling around in bed I had a brilliant idea.  This idea was based around my blog and the content I provide for any and all readers that happen to stop by.  I thought instead of being a whinny college graduate in hope that people stop by to listen to my complaints and problems why not create actual content? So that’s what I am going to be doing on a daily basis.

The idea is to create a blog that covers different topics on each day.  So 7 different topics a week and the themes will be recurring each week.  The content will be based on popularity on the web/in the news/my picking/fan polls. Listed below are the themes for each day.

Monday -> Motivational Monday (will have a little speech from myself and also a link to a video or sound bite to help nudge some of you in the right direction for the week)

Tuesday ->Tech Talk Tuesday (whats going on in the tech industry or whats the biggest trend in the tech)

Wednesday -> Whats App Wednesday (the most popular and useful apps for both android and apple devices)

Thursday -> Throwback Thursday in Gaming (talks and discussion about great classic games)

Friday -> Fitness Friday (since I love fitness, Friday will based around what my workout consisted of for that day and also what my fitness goals are and how they are coming along)

Saturday -> Movie Talk Saturday (this will be a 2 part blog the first blog will talk about my predictions about upcoming movies and another part based on my movie recommendations to watch on the weekend)

Sunday -> Ketchup Sunday (I’ll talk a little about what is going on in my)


Alright, well there it is! The new content update that will be my blog!

Thanks for coming and have a great day!

Hey How Are Ya?!


Well, here I go! In this first attempt to create an appealing blog to everyday people why not tell you who I am.  First things first, my name is Ethan Barnes and I am 22 years old. I love to workout, listen to music, and play video games. I am one of the most competitive people I know and sometimes it bites me in the ass.   I love sports of all kinds but mainly football and collegiate wrestling.  My favorite color is blue, my favorite type of food is Mexican, and lastly my favorite season is fall.


Yeah that’s me right there…actually circa summer 2014 during camp for football. I myself have recently graduated from college less than a month ago.  I was a psychology major and ended up completing my Bachelors Degree.  You know throughout college I expected that as soon as I walked across that stage with degree in hand, the world would be my oyster.  Oh how I was wrong!

Almost every high school student imagines going to college and then landing their dream job right after they graduate and never having to take orders from anyone but themselves or their boss.  Well long story short…WAKE UP STUPID! For some of you/them this does come true, but for people like me, you begin the Real World Grind.  This includes moving back home with your parent and or guardian, waking up everyday to do the chores you haven’t had to do since you went off to college, and my favorite the endless hours of job hunting.

I currently lead a rather simple life lately (yawn), my day starts around 9:00am EST and ends around 11:00pm EST.  I can say my days have gotten pretty routine since leaving college.  I wake up, make my one egg and blueberry oatmeal for breakfast, and then plug away for 2-3 hours looking at job posts.  After successfully completing and filling out numerous job applications I turn off the family computer and proceed to get dressed and ready to leave my parents house for the gym. I then proceed to spend around 2 hours of the day at the gym and return home.  I shower, eat my lunch and then go sit by my phone for the rest of the day in hopes for a callback whilst also doing my daily chores (dishes, clothes, lawn care, and trash disposal).  I then end my day with some video gaming and a nice dinner.

This has been rinse and repeat since graduation on May 14th.  Needless to say my life has become pretty monotonous with little change.  This is the exact reason I have decided to create this little blog of mine.  Maybe by sharing my experience post graduation I can either help people learn what to expect (or even a what not to do guide), be a shoulder to lean on for others, and possibly provide some of your lives with humor.

So thanks for coming by and hopefully you come back tomorrow around 6:00pm EST for my latest installment!