Re-Evaluating My Blog


After consideration and a long night of rolling around in bed I had a brilliant idea.  This idea was based around my blog and the content I provide for any and all readers that happen to stop by.  I thought instead of being a whinny college graduate in hope that people stop by to listen to my complaints and problems why not create actual content? So that’s what I am going to be doing on a daily basis.

The idea is to create a blog that covers different topics on each day.  So 7 different topics a week and the themes will be recurring each week.  The content will be based on popularity on the web/in the news/my picking/fan polls. Listed below are the themes for each day.

Monday -> Motivational Monday (will have a little speech from myself and also a link to a video or sound bite to help nudge some of you in the right direction for the week)

Tuesday ->Tech Talk Tuesday (whats going on in the tech industry or whats the biggest trend in the tech)

Wednesday -> Whats App Wednesday (the most popular and useful apps for both android and apple devices)

Thursday -> Throwback Thursday in Gaming (talks and discussion about great classic games)

Friday -> Fitness Friday (since I love fitness, Friday will based around what my workout consisted of for that day and also what my fitness goals are and how they are coming along)

Saturday -> Movie Talk Saturday (this will be a 2 part blog the first blog will talk about my predictions about upcoming movies and another part based on my movie recommendations to watch on the weekend)

Sunday -> Ketchup Sunday (I’ll talk a little about what is going on in my)


Alright, well there it is! The new content update that will be my blog!

Thanks for coming and have a great day!


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