Fitness Friday (Vol.1)


To start things off I might as well inform all of you on my fitness goals and what I am trying to do.  Back in college I played football for my school,  this is where I really got into strength and conditioning all together.  After two years of training for defensive end where I was the starter I suffered a torn meniscus and had to get surgery :(.


This led me to have to switch positions to one less taxing on my knees.  So all of a sudden I was a 240 lb right tackle…yeah I know this is a little underweight (about 60lbs under the conference average) but I made it work and started that year as well and only surrendered about 5 sacks on the season.  Which to me is a huge accomplishment considering I only had a few months of training to get prepared for the season.

Once the season was over my strength and conditioning coach sat me down and told me I had to put on at least 90lbs for our offensive line to be a solid and cohesive unit.  Closely following his directions in and out of the weight room I achieved my goal and hit 305lbs, the heaviest I have ever been. This past season was something very great for not only myself but also our team.  I myself only gave up 3 sacks on the season and helped our offense shatter multiple rushing and passing records in our conference and division.

Once the season came to a close I then decided to return to my 240lbs self and aim to be the best combination of cut and beefy a person could possibly be.  Currently my weight is sitting around 258lbs and I feel that my body is stronger all together than it was when I weighed 305lbs.

So here are my goals for all of you to know:

Weight-> 240lbs       Currently -> 258lbs

BMI -> 15%                  Currently -> 28%

Bench Max -> 405×5         Currently -> 315×5

Squat Max -> 505×5          Currently -> 375×5

Deadlift -> 405×5              Currently -> 350×5

(X stands for repetitions aka reps)