Ketchup Sunday (Vol.1)


Hello everyone and welcome to the first installment of Ketchup Sunday! Every Sunday I will be giving you updates that are going on in my life and things of that nature!

So most recently I finally got a call back for a job! *Applause* It’s not much but it is something.  The job itself is a Part Time Sales Associate position for T-Mobile.  The benefits they offer are outstanding, the only part that has been a drag is the hiring process..long story short it is very lengthy for the pay and part time status.

I know some of you are saying “You have a college degree, why are you working at a T-Mobile?”  My answer, the small area I live in jobs are very scarce and I need to gather as much money as I can before I can move to a more Metropolitan area to use my degree. I feel that if I give myself a year and acquire a second part time job I can put together enough money to find a job in a bigger city and move out to it. Heck maybe even get relocation assistance!

At the end of the day life is a process that everyone must take in stride and I hope everyone reading this understands this.  Just because I have earned a college degree doesn’t mean things are going to be handed to me on a silver platter.  There are people out there who have been working for a company longer than I have been in college/alive and that puts a hamper in opportunities. At the end of the day I will always keep plugging away and do whatever I can do to become a better me everyday.

Thanks for stopping by!