Movie Talk (Vol.1)



Welcome to Movie Talk Saturday!  I want to make these posts earlier in the morning to help people decide which movie to go see in theaters.  Today’s film we will be discussing without spoilers is….THE CONJURING 2!

If you want to have a significant other jumping into your lap than this is the film for you! This movie is based off the “true” story of Ed and Lorraine Warrens’ investigation of what is known as the British Amityville.  A single mother and her four children are being terrorized by malevolent spirits and the only ones who are willing to help are the Warrens themselves.  I wont go much deeper into the new release to avoid spoilers and ruining any of the plot.

With the addition of director of James Wan (Furious 7 and Insidious, just to name a few) The camera work and artistic ability of Wan make some of the shots seem feel too real for theaters. Some of his shots make you cringe and want to close your eyes and never open them again until you hear the final credits rolling.

I give this movie 4 Mjolnir (the hammer Thor uses from Marvel Cinematic Universe)out of 6

Thor_hammer.png  Thor_hammer.png  Thor_hammer.png  Thor_hammer.png


Now for those of you who want to sit in and watch a movie from home I also have a suggestion for you!

It is one of my favorite movies to watch anytime…SHAUN OF THE DEAD! This movie is a mixture of a comedy and zombie thriller from the mind of Simon Pegg and  Nick Frost.  Two best friends, Shaun and Ed have an experience like no other in this laugh of a zombie thriller.  I highly recommend this movie for everyone it never gets old for me to watch and I know every line in the damn movie!

In this movie Shaun is a 30 something year old loser who lets people walk all over him in his dull existence.  The only thing he lives to do everyday is working at the local electronics store, meanwhile back in his London flat his slacker best friend Ed is sitting around all day living off of Shaun. Then out of nowhere without any explanation the town is over run with zombies and Shaun sets out on a quest of survival and self discovery.



I also give it 4 Mjolnir out of 6!

Thor_hammer.png  Thor_hammer.png  Thor_hammer.png  Thor_hammer.png


Thanks for coming by for Movie Talk Saturday!